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Welcome to aardwulf.com

This site is and will be in development for a while. In the mean time, there are several features of this web site that you can explore and use. It is completely functional, but not too pretty yet.


· Bookmark Manager
The most prominent feature of this site is the online free bookmark manager. This tool allows you to store, organize, and share your favorite web sites with other people. Instead of keeping all your favorite bookmarks in your web browser "Favorites", keep them on your account on this web site and have global access to them from any computer connected to the Internet! It is easy to set up, easy to add the bookmarks you already have, and easy to use.
· Public Bookmarks
This feature is based on the users of the bookmark manager system. When you add your bookmarks and folders, you have the choice to make them public. The folders and links that you make public will be available for everyone to see, and use. Not only will this provide a great way to find new web sites, but also a way for you to show other people what interests you have.
· Give the Bookmark Manager a Trial Run
This is a sample account that you can use to see what the big deal is about this bookmark manager. You can perform almost all the functions of a full user so you can see how it all works. Feel free to add sites, directories, delete stuff or whatever!
· Web design and programming tutorials
This is a selection of tutorials on how to create various aspects of web design. I focus primarily on the programming side of design. Currently a limited selection, but always growing!
· AardSaber
This tool is mostly just for fun, kind of an encoder ring in a cereal box. It is a way for you to encrypt text to send to your friends in an e-mail or other form of communication. The encryption is based on the CipherSaber algorithm that you can read all about on the CipherSaber web site. There are links to other examples of this encryption algorithm, as well as a complete breakdown of the algorithm, and how you can create your own CipherSaber.


· Limitations
Currently, this web site was designed with IE5+ in mind. There is a lot of Javascript and cookie use, as well as a lot of custom style sheets that work best in IE. The site, for the most part, is functional in Opera and Firefox/Mozilla, but doesn't always look as good as IE does. I work on that when I can, but don't have a lot of time for it. So for now, I apologize!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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